Maine Electrical Alliance(MEA) customer rebates are a great way to make our contractors competitive, but they're not the only way. This is why we started a Shared Services Co-op. After a long day of work many of our contractors spend endless hours on payroll, benefits, billing accounting, returning phone calls and other office related matters. The cost of hiring an employee to help with these administrative task can be tough to justify. The Shared Services Co-op is the solution. Here is what we have to offer.

  1. The cost of the administrative employee will be shared equally among the Co-op members.

  2. The rent, electricity, heat, computer and office equipment will be shared equally.

  3. The MEA will use it's advertising budget and business connections to secure work for the Co-op members.

  4. The shared purchase of large tools will create a great savings for Co-op members, hydraulic benders, wire pullers, Etc...

  5. The MEA has access to financing for energy efficient projects ranging for $3,000 to  $100,000, 000.

  6. Various types of traininig for members including, heat pumps, OSHA, code updates or others as requested by members.

  7. The Co-op is owned by the members with one vote for every member.

  8. Members decide where to best spend the money.

  9. The Maine Electrical Alliance is a non-profit organization. So profit for the MEA members is our #1 goal.