Introducing The Exclusive

LED Lighting Lease Program

Every month you don't make the switch to LED lighting, you're  actually throwing money away.

This exclusive LED lighting lease program is a new way to reap the benefits of lower energy bills with NO upfront investment. In addition, we'll show you ways that this lease will save you $ on your A/C bills and on replacement bulbs among other things! The only place in Maine to enjoy these benefits in through Maine Electrical Alliance.

Below is a cost/benefit analysis to a Maine Electrical Alliance customer. 


Project: Replace 45 high pressure sodium 1000 watt bulbs at a local car dealer with LED 150 watt replacements.

Total Project Cost: $25,000

Estimated Energy Savings: $18,000 annually or $1,500 per month.

Upfront Cost: $0

Monthly Lease payment: $500

Monthly Positive Cash Flow Improvements: $1000 ($1500 monthly energy savings minus $500 monthly lease payment =      $1000 more to your bottom line. ) 



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